April Lauren




Student (Jefferson High School)



Played By

Ellen Woglom

"I would ask her if she was ever afraid of getting hurt, and she told me: 'Jessica, the fear of pain is the fear of living.' April lived every day to its fullest. For her friends, for her family and for the one she loved." - Jessica

April Lauren was Sean Ryan's love interest and a student at Jefferson High School. Tragically, she was killed during the school shooting that took place.


At some point during her high school career, April joined theatre and there, she met the captain of the theatre

"Is any of this real to you, or is it just another long scene?"

team, Sean Ryan. She and Sean got along well, and they eventually began a romantic relationship. However, Sean's dishonesty regarding his feelings for her drove a wedge between them. While they were talking by a fountain, April asked him to open up to her. They almost shared a kiss, until they were interrupted by Sally, Sean's speech coach and the teacher of the drama department of Jefferson High. Sean's refusal to open up to her frustrated April, and, on the day of the school shooting, while they were filming their current theatre production, as it paralleled their relationship. April emotionally confronted Sean about this, but he didn't confess his feelings for her, frustrating her. Hours after their argument, Benjamin Harris opened fire inside the school, killing April and several others.



Sean sees April in a hallucination.

Jessica, Sally and Sean struggled to cope with her demise, most notably Sean due
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April's car is turned into a memorial.

to his guilt for not telling her he loved her. Both Jessica and his parents tried to help Sean, but he refused their help. April was seen in Sean's
Funeral picture

April's funeral picture

hallucination in Jessica's bathroom before he smashed the mirror in an emotional breakdown, and her car was turned into a memorial for her.

Before her funeral, Jessica gave Sean her diary in an attempt to prove that his relationship with her hadn't been for nothing. Jessica, Sean and Sally gave eulogies for April and after his eulogy, Sean went to the memorial crosses and cried for April and those who died.