Jason Gates


Mother, father


student (Jefferson High School)



Played By

Daryl Sabara

Jason Gates was a student at Jefferson High School.


Jason was present at Jefferson High when Benjamin Harris initiated a school shooting. He managed to survive, but not before saving a young woman he carried her to the police ultimately she was later declared dead by authorities. This act of selflessness caused him to become the focus of the media's attention, and he struggled to cope with the new direction his life had taken. He tried finding the name of the girl he saved, but ended up being interviewed on television by a reporter, along with Sam, one of April's friends. Later, he had a mental breakdown at a grocery store due to post-traumatic stress disorder. Jason, unable to keep his guilt bottled up, confessed to Sean that he was no hero. During the shooting, a group of students had told him that it was better that he die than himself and Jason had closed and locked the doors on them, leaving them to die. He later committed suicide in the Bathtub by stabbing himself.