"You're wrong." - Nick



unnamed mother


Student (Jefferson High School)



Played By

Sean Durrie

Nick is a friend of Sean Ryan and a former student of Jefferson High School.


Nick was present at Jefferson High School when his friend Benjamin Harris began a school shooting. He and Sean managed to survive the attack, bringing a terrorstruck girl named Sam along with them. They were able to make it outside and he, Sean, and some other students were able to bring down a fence that was barricading them on campus. As the cops intervened, he and Sean were able to make it to a local neighborhood where they learned that the police were having people evacuate to the elementary schoool, which they did immediately after receiving the news.

There, Nick was attacked by another student who blamed him for the shooting and claimed he was "one of them", alluding to one of Benjamin's friends. He was baffled by such an accusation, and was furious when he learned from Sean that Ben was behind the shooting.