"I'm really sorry. I just always thought we'd have more time." - Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan and April Lauren

The relationship between Sean Ryan and April Lauren was strained mainly due to Sean's reluctance to admit his feelings for her.


Love at first sight

Sean and April's first encounter.

Sean and April first met when a select group of students were recruited for the drama department. They instantly bonded, and eventually fell in love. However, their relationship became strained when Sean was reluctant to confess his feelings for her in fear of beginning a relationship. While talking

Sean and April almost kiss.

by a fountain, April asked him to open up to her but he refused. They almost shared a kiss, but they were interrupted by Sally Reedman, Sean's speech coach. Later, April once again asked Sean to be honest with her. After much coaxing, he finally gave in and confessed his love for her and they almost kissed, but this was all part of their latest theatre production. Once they were done filming, April demanded to know whether their relationship was real to Sean or just anothe

Sean gives his euology to April.

r scene. He claimed to not know what she meant, hurting her. Furious, April stormed off, calling him a coward. Later on the same day, Benjamin Harris initiated a shooting at the school, killing April and several other students.

Sean later learned of April's passing from his speech coach, and was devastated. He struggled to cope with her death, going as far as seeing a hallucination of her and smashing a mirror in a fit of grief. It was only after giving her euology at her funeral that he went to her memorial and gained closure with her demise.